Google Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database for your applications. Cloud Datastore automatically handles sharding and replication, providing you with a highly available and durable database that scales automatically to handle your applications load. Cloud Datastore provides a myriad of capabilities such as ACID transactions, SQL-like queries, indexes and much more.


API Paths

Allocate ID (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:allocateIds OpenAPI
Begin New Transaction (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:beginTransaction OpenAPI
Commit Transaction (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:commit OpenAPI
Lookup Entity by Key (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:lookup OpenAPI
Rollback Transaction (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:rollback OpenAPI
Queries for Entities (POST) /v1/projects/{projectId}:runQuery OpenAPI